About Us

Incarcari permanente pentru Belarus, Rusia si Turcia si retur !!! +40743342943

Our advantages

Why RoMoldova?

  • Benefit from excellent prices.
  • We have advantageous contracts with carriers
  • We strive every time to find the optimum solution for a minimum delivery time
  • We monitor the merchandise throughout the entire transport period
  • We keep in touch with the drivers and offer them all the linguistic support they need.
  • We offer telephone consultancy 24/24.
  • We are efficient, pragmatic, clear, and honest.
  • Activity and business relationships are invariably based on internationally accepted ethical rules.
  • The attitude of RoMoldova is not only about legal requirements, it extends to moral concepts such as honesty, integrity, fairness and social responsibility towards all our clients.

About Us

SC RoMoldova SRL based in Radauti, str. Stefan cel Mare No. 1, Jud. Suceava, CIF RO 15770601; J33/868/2003, was founded in the year 2012 having as its object the international carriage of goods and the activities of its annexes.

RoMoldova is a forwarding house specializing in international freight transport. SC RoMoldova SRL has reborn from our concern to offer our clients quality and professionalism in international and domestic freight transport.

We are mainly oriented towards Eastern Europe i.e. Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Turkey and not only… But also to the intra-Community space of Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, etc. With a lot of perseverance and a much better organization, we manage to impose on the international transport market as a serious carrier with a special potential and good prospects.

SC RoMoldova SRL has set up a transport system, based on collaboration with numerous transport companies in northern Moldova. SC RoMoldova SRL aims to respond to the growing demands of the international transport market in and to the eastern markets. The Expedition house SC RoMoldova SRL provides the resources of several transporters operating towards Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other directions such as the EU.

We are trying to establish a relationship with the client that is based on mutual trust, fairness, support and absolute transparency as well as professionalism, flexibility, seriousness. This also results in the vision of our society that includes focusing on the services keeping in mind the customer’s requirements. By concluding a contract with our company, choose a high professionalism, quality service, delivery of the cargo intact and on time.

Transport tariffs in any direction are flexible and sufficiently competitive. We guarantee our insurance partners for the goods transported to the extent of their value, permanent telephone consultancy (24h/24h), free consultancy, Maximum promptness.

Why work with us directly and not with a carrier?

  • Faster delivery at the best price-we choose from dozens of variants available
  • Low risks-carriers are already checked
  • Payment is made in the shortest possible time.